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Episode 017 - Brenda Haws, New Common Wealth Schools


Brenda J. Haws has been teaching, training, and mentoring in the home school arena for nearly 20 years. She has developed and launched several Commonwealth Schools and trained and supported the development and growth of many others across the country. Her wisdom and insight into family and community education is sought repeatedly by others and she regularly presents to groups large and small about her vision and passion for enduring educational ideals and principles. She is the current President of the New Commonwealth Schools Association, a newly formed alliance supporting the ongoing training and organizational development of 85+ Commonwealth Schools across the country. She is the mother of 6 children and currently resides in St. George, Utah.

A recommended resource: Good to Great by Jim Collins



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Host Notes;

I wanted to again add my endorsement to the New Commonwealth Schools. Having homeschooled for over 10 years, I''ve seen and been apart of many community groups. It wasn't until I found a New Commonwealth School that I found a group where I felt my family belonged. The richness of the curriculum and the mentoring philosophy is a powerful tool for families and for encouraging excellence in education. It is interesting when you have a learning community that is family centered, how each child and mentor is strengthened and service becomes naturally incorporated in creating whole, healthy families

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