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Episode 020 - Marlene Fletcher, Finding Your Child's Learning Style

Marlene Fletcher is the owner of Blended Therapy. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and Structural Integration Practitioner (SIP). She travels frequently sharing her passion, of how to be happier and healthier in a natural way. Marlene has served on several Executive PTA boards and was the director of radKIDS (child safety empowerment program) at her children's school. She is a certified radKIDS instructor. Each year she teaches hundreds of children how to be safe. She has presented at BYU Women's Conference and the LDS Homeschool Conference. She taught preschool for 5 years and is currently homeschooling. She is married to Matthew Fletcher. They have 4 sons and together they strive to inspire their children to not only learn, but to have a love for learning and make it a life-long habit. Marlene co-founded The Homeschool Support Group. Her vision is to provide a monthly gathering where homeschoolers can feel inspired, empowered, informed and make meaningful connections.

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