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Episode - 026 Heidi Christianson, aka "Home Ec Heidi"

Home Ec Heidi is an expert in all things which make a home—not just sewing but all things textile, not just cooking but stretching a paycheck to feed 5 growing boys, not just budgeting but money management that promotes financial freedom. Heidi Christianson has a bachelor’s degree in Home Economics with an emphasis in clothing and textiles and a master’s degree in Textile Merchandising which she has put to great use teaching college classes, inspiring youth, and making her own home run efficiently and inexpensively. Even though she hated the label that came with home economics during her college years, she found that there is a great deal in this field that can help people live better and more beautiful lives. In addition to running her own home amidst the frenzy of raising and educating her children, Heidi also teaches classes in personal finance and economics. As a past member of the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank’s Educational Advisory Group, she has a wealth of resources to share. Currently she is also the homeschool representative for The Money Game™, a fun simulation based workshop/class that gives youth a reality check about money growing on trees. You can tap into her knowledge on the home and the economy by visiting

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