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Episode 045 Adam Fletcher, Child Advocate

Adam Fletcher (@bicyclingfish) is a Canadian writer, international educator and organizational consultant who lives in the Pacific Northwest and works across the United States. Adam Fletcher founded The Freechild Project in September 2001 to advocate, inform, and celebrate social change led by and with young people around the world, especially those who have been historically denied the right to participate. He has led Freechild for the last decade, fostering the visionary goal of re-envisioning the roles of young people throughout society, on transforming the roles of people throughout society, he's worked with more than 500 public schools and nonprofit organizations across the U.S. and around the world. Check out some of his books, The Guide to Student Voice, an easy-to-read intro to how he teachs about student voice, highlighting the power and potential for students to transform schools by learning more about the systems they are part of. Also his book called, Ending Discrimination Against Young People, which focuses on adultism and the bias against children and youth throughout society.

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