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Episode 061 - Danny Flood, Creator of OpenWorld Magazine - Living with Purpose

Danny is an author, entrepreneur, world-traveler, rabble-rouser, friend, and lover from California. Danny believes that life is a daring adventure or nothing. He challenges those around him to step out from their comfort zone, take risks, and do something new - to see how refreshing it feels. He believes that we should live life on our own terms without outside pressure from others. His book, "Buy Your Own Island" is a playbook designed to help individuals find the love, adventure, passion, and purpose that they seek.

Danny has romped through 30+ countries, and lived in over a dozen. He fought as amateur Muay Thai boxer in Bangkok, trained in several forms of dance, learned 5 languages, and studied Wu-Dang Tai Chi.

He's crossed half of Southeast Asia on a motorcycle, rafted down the Amazon, ridden a bicycle across Mexico, swum with whale sharks in the Philippines, hitchhiked across Brazil, Malaysia and Taiwan, and climbed the tallest mountains of South America. He's rappelled off waterfalls in the jungle, ziplined above volcanoes, and sailed across the South China Sea.

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