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Episode 076 - Katie Hansen, Family Foundations

Katie grew up exploring and discovering the woods, ponds, creeks, and fields in the Baltimore, Maryland countryside. After moving west and graduating college in Elementary Education from USU, she found her personal call to teach her own. Through this call to work, learn and grow as a Wife to Michael Hansen and Mother to 6, she has come to understand what a true education is and discovered her love of nurturing women, building community and helping families develop their education on foundational principles. Katie is a Footzonologist, is a trained Mentor through Leadership Education Mentoring Inst. and is currently serving as Chair of the Parent Board at Liber Academy Commonwealth, on the Vibrant Living Academy Exec Board, on the Direct-Entry Midwifery Board and helping her husband build Liber Labs, a 501c3 Non-profit Organization. She has created classes helping others "Discover The Creator through Symbol & Story" for adults, youth and is currently developing The Family Foundation Guide: A Mother's Guide to Building Education on The Foundational Character-building Principles of Creation, for the home and community schools.

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