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Episode 086 - Core Frequency with Monica Pittman and Annica Coombs

More than 5 years ago Monica was extremely sick it took 2 years of searching and testing to find the root cause of all her pain. She was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. They said it was a genetic disease and that’s where Annica got tested and she was diagnosed as well. They were both given 2 pieces of paper on what Celiacs Disease and told to eat a gluten free diet to heal the body. It’s been a journey for them and education is key to health. They have had amazing, powerful results and are living proof that the body can heal, sometime we just need a resource, education, and hope.

Their company, Core Frequency focuses on empowering others to find their inner strength and endless possibilities. They mentor and train focusing on health, relationships and better connections. We love supporting others to gain overall better health and wholeness, addressing all areas and relationships in your life to gain clarity and that next level of success. We believe in applying mentoring principles to open the mind, clear the heart and connecting deeper.


Phone number: 801-896-3640

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