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Episode - 089 Travis Standley, Lighting the Way Through BYU-I Pathway Program

Travis Standley is an HR Business Partner for a global customer service company. The site he supports is located in Pocatello, Idaho where he lives with his wife, Julie and their son, James who is 8 months old. He also works as an Adjunct Online Faculty member at BYU-Idaho where he facilitate a Life Skills course for non-traditional students that have enrolled in BYU-Idaho's Pathway program. He works with students of all ages and backgrounds, many of which are older and never have attended college of any kind. In short, he loves to learn! He is convinced that learning and education are a portal to enlightenment, forged character, and a higher, more fulfilling way of life. On the flip side, he also believe that a key to success in education and learning is to remain humble and modest while keeping a listening ear.

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