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Episode 096 - Khotso Khabele, Building Communities of Mission and Purpose

Khotso Khabele was born in West Africa into a family with a strong tradition of education, entrepreneurialism and civil rights. At age twelve, Khotso left his parents in Lesotho to pursue his education. He graduated from UT Austin with a degree in Economics, and pursued graduate studies in human and organizational development.

Over a 12 year period, Khotso served as the Executive Director of the Khabele School in Austin, Texas. He grew the Khabele School from 4 employees to over 100, and from 9 students to over 500. As a trainer and visionary, he has spoken to thousands of people, including at SXSWedu and AERO.

Khotso brings a deeply transformative approach to both education and business development. As co-founder of the KhabeleStrong Incubator, Khotso is responsible for the philosophical and organizational design. His passion is to create an enlivening and engaging culture for the whole community. In addition to his responsibilities at the KhabeleStrong Incubator, Khotso is the VP of Business Development and Strategy for, a disruptive software that empowers learners to curate and map relevant knowledge, and own their educational process.

Finally, Khotso aspires to be a life-long philanthropist. He has served as the chair of "Please Be Kind to Cyclists", a 501(c)3 non-profit focused on promoting harmony between drivers and cyclists. In addition, he served on several non-profits boards promoting initiatives in the areas of international peace, education, and health, including serving as the vice-chair of Austin Sister Cities International.

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