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Episodes 102 & 103 - Aneladee Milne, LEMI Institute

Aneladee Milne is the mother of 6 and counting. The grandmother of 8 and counting and a devoted wife to the perfect partner. She holds a B. A. In Statesmanship from George Wythe University a cutting edge liberal arts college where she is a current masters student in the education department. She is current working on a masters thesis called The Mentoring Approach. She loves the organic process of teaching and learning without compulsion and force where students are free to discover their own genius and contribute to the world in their unique way. She is an advocate of teachers as Mentors and has been given the opportunity to train fellow teachers this revolutionary approach at the two companies she works for LEMI-Leadership Education Mentoring Institute and Life Changing Services where she holds the positions of Mentor Training Director.

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