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Episode 126 - Amy House, "Powerhouse" Your Life's Mission

Amy House is a marketing and business development executive with over 25 plus years of non-profit management. Before becoming a full-time entrepreneur and business owner, Amy has worked for causes such as foster/adoption, indigent drug and alcohol counseling, kidney disease and advocate for transplant patients as well as an arts and culture organization.

Currently, Amy is focused on building her ecommerce business, supporting her business team and giving to the business community by hosting motivational/ networking events. Amy’s entire career has been about helping others and she sees her current business initiative as just another tool to make a difference in her community and world.


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“I think that as you kind of progress along your journey, questions start happening to you, that you have to answer, that you have to take time to answer.”

“As you travel through your journey, what really lights you up, becomes obvious even if it is not cultural the norm, maybe you need to listen to it.”

“Cause ultimately I think, people are on their own journey and they can get where they need to go but maybe you need to make them aware of where they are at on their journey, what they are saying to themselves and they’ll redirect.”

“I want people to understand that impacting others isn’t about glory, its about making a difference, and that it is about how you feel about the difference you are making.”

“If it is in your head you need to listen to it, if it is a vision you have for your life and it has been kind of that, you have played about with it in your mind. Really take a look at that, I don’t believe that we are given visions that we don’t have the skills to achieve or that we can't achieve. And just because your vision does not fit in with the society’s traditional view of business or life’s journey, you still need to pay attention to that vision.”

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