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Episode 120 - Wendy Alexandre, The Results Boss

Wendy Alexandre owner of The Results Boss which is an innovative coaching & mentoring company, for small businesses and entrepreneurs to help them find and connect with their ideal client and push past the fears and limitations holding them back from the success they crave. This is NOT for the faint of heart! You will be pushed to think bigger, you will be uncomfortable, you will see RESULTS!

Wendy Alexandre describes herself as mom of a Brady Bunch, biker at heart, wife of a man with a thousand voices, and dreamer of all things travel who always seeks the joy in every moment. She is a strong woman and leader in the Treasure Valley community. As a mom of 3 and a step-mom of 3 (as well as having a passel of others that call her mom), an entrepreneur herself for the last 11+ years, and an active participant in the community, she knows what it takes to push past obstacles, be tenacious and get RESULTS!


Phone Number: (208)412-2109

YouTube Feed:

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