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Episode 122 - Jennie Carlson, Body Image Builder

Jennie Carlson is a health and happiness mentor. Helping women love who they are from the inside out and getting rid of the Pinterest Perfectionism by raising personal value from within.


Jennie Carlson - Episode #122 - Quotes:

“Just breath…In yoga they call the breathe the pathway to life.”

“There are 2 different people in the world, there is “creators” or there is “reactors”. People who are creating their life or people who are reacting to what is happening in their life. And if you were to write those words on a piece of paper, they are the exact same letters. The only difference is how YOU see yourself.”

“You can be the creator of your life, you can come together and connect that mind, body, spirit and have a powerful, meaningful life.”

“Accepting yourself for who you are and Accepting others for who they are, just as they are…unconditional love”

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