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Episode 139 - Carmie Golightly, "Organize YOUR Mind, Time, Space, and Routine"

Carmie Golightly is the President of Transcendence Mentoring which helps you “organize your mind, time, space, and routine” to create the optimal balanced life.

Carmie and her soul-mate of 13 years reside in Utah with their five children. Having worked early-on with children with disabilities as a Special Education and Elementary Teacher, she was fascinated with the mind and how the brain works. She continued to pursue study in understanding how all people connect and communicate. Through her studies she’s become an organization mentor and body language expert.

Her passion is to help people succeed at the highest level. Her motto is, “In all thy learning seek first to understand”. She uses this motto to help others seek better understanding of their life and to educate them on how to transcend beyond what they ever expected. She uses understanding to mentor others in areas such as, organizing, relationships, communication, and health balance.

Over the past two years she has mentored and presented ways to organize spaces, heal emotionally, communicate effectively, and be in control of their lives through understanding simple tools and tapping into the power of the mind, body and soul.

Visit Carmie’s website to view upcoming conferences and the trainings and sessions she offers.

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