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Episode 142 - Kerry Foreman, Creating "Grounded Minds" Toward Happiness

Kerry Foreman is a Psychotherapist/Mindfulness Coach who is passionate about writing and speaking about our journey to mental health. She ditches the clinical speak, to talk about what it takes to be happy. Kerry finds peace in hiking therapy in beautiful Colorado, where she lives with her husband of 17 years, her kids Cole and Maili, and two rescue dogs.

Phone Number: 719-671-2589

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"You have to learn new skills, you have to retrain your brain."

"What good things can I take from my old story? How can my old story serve me and how can it service other people? I think I am doing that in my writing, just being really authentic in who I am."

"The person on the other end, if they feel seen by you, not judge by you, but seen by you, then it completely changes that relationship and take it to a WHOLE other level."

"My big focus is how do you use mindfulness to create change in your life and what does that look like?"

Kerry's Acronym for Daily Mindfulness Practice: NADR





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