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Episode 143 - Bonnie Slaughter, Helping Others Thrive Through the "Music Lesson Rollercoaster&q

BONNIE SLAUGHTER, NCTM has been a piano teacher for over 40 years. She is a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music. She is member of the Idaho and Utah Music Teachers Associations. She has served as President of the Bridgerland and Ogden UMTA Chapters. She has also served on the Utah MTA State Board.

Bonnie is the director of the Oakwood Music Studio. She maintains a studio of about 100 students from newborn to adult. She has published 5 books, including music camps, which she enjoys sharing with music teachers across the country. She has also created Theory Strips, a series of music theory workbooks to help students better understand and apply theory.

She has recorded a series of audio CD’s titled “Surviving the Music Lesson Rollercoaster” for Parents and music teachers, and “Thriving on the Music Lesson Rollercoaster” for music students. She is now offering classes and personal mentoring to parents and music teachers where they learn tools to empower, inspire and motivate their children and students.

Bonnie is the founder and director of the Northern Cache Valley Performing Arts Festival which is held in Preston, Idaho each spring. The mission of the Festival is to provide adjudication and performance opportunities for students of all musical genres and abilities.

She is married and has five children and 19 grandchildren.


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Quotes: "I asked her if this would help her with (piano) practicing at all and she said, 'This will not only help me with practicing but will help me with school too and we talked about how those negative voices are unseen."

"It is not all about the piano, that is just a tool to use in helping them grow and succeed in their lives."

"For mentoring others, I've learned that we all have the same fears, doubts and needs. We can all improve our results by improving our thoughts."

"Just don't give UP, keep pursuing answers. Don't be afraid to ask the questions and go search out the answers."

"Don't get so caught up in the everyday grind and list of to-dos, that you forget to enjoy the journey. Enjoy the process, enjoy and celebrate the small successes, whatever they might be."

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