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Episode 144 - Mary Black, Leading Youth Towards Foundations of Liberty

Mary Black is the founder and owner of Foundations of Liberty, a leadership training business which provides classes, retreats, and mentoring for those ​who want better personal and group leadership skills. Her diverse life includes a wonderful husband and 6 talented children. Her family is full of varied interests and all love to create through theater, music, mentoring and business. Mary loves to direct choirs, mentor, camp, hike, and spend time in the outdoors! She can be found doing yoga at odd hours. She has been teaching and leading youth and adults for many years. The major subjects have been music, leadership, self-discovery, finding purpose and direction in life, parenting, gardening, theater, storytelling, Classical literature, the Constitution, and special education for the mentally handicapped. Her leadership has helped create several successful home school communities. She has degrees in music and special education and graduate study in educational psychology and political economy. She loves studying and teaching how the mind works and how people learn. She believes that experiential learning is key to learning faster and remembering longer. For this reason, she has designed a program of leadership training that uses immersion experiences, unique mentoring, and has changed many lives. She is constantly searching out better ways of helping people discover who they are and what they came here to do and to be, then boost them on the path to accomplishing those things. In more than 60 years of living, she has personally experienced or been very close to many challenges with physical, mental and emotional health. From this, Mary has discovered that every experience is just an experience. Each person can choose how to look at that experience and what to do with it. She believes circumstances that most would consider as “terrible” can actually become rocket boosters to move one towards fulfilling their personal mission. She believes that every human’s worth is infinite and intrinsic and therefore people do not need to prove their worth, but to merely discover and fulfill their potential. Mary’s great dream is to have a thousand (or more) acres in nature where youth, adults and families can come to experience the delight of living! It would be a permanent location to create an environment where individuals can discover the joy of being themselves, where families can be unified, and where all can build on their strengths and celebrate life!



"Fathers and Mothers are abdicating their roles as leaders in the home and of the family. They are giving it to the schools, coaches, everyone else but themselves."

"So my goals is to help young people understand that they have a responsibility of leadership in the world, whether they become president of the United States or president of ANYTHING."

"It is the mistakes that help us to see what we need to work on and they encourage us to work harder. You learn so much from those mistakes until mistakes become something we celebrate instead of something to be ashamed.

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