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Episode 148 - Daniela Larsen with, Helping to Bring YOU the World's Best Mentors

Daniela Larsen is a mother, travelers, and humanitarian who is working to bring you the world's best mentors!

She homeschools her own children as well as manages a nonprofit, which works to provide people with skills. We discuss how she has managed to provide her own children amazing mentors and how she is harnessing that skill to create an online platform of the world's best mentors so families can access then from anywhere in the world.


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"It has been amazing how accessible some of the people that you would think are world renowned experts, in like paleontology, marine biology or Falconry, some of the interests that my kids have had. They are happy to talk to your kids and point them in the right direction."

"You just have to just keep getting up and homeschooling especially when your kids are little. It is hard but it is a lot of fun and the pay-offs are amazing."

"They (your children) can figure out how to get it and where to go to learn it, they can find their own mentors. Instead of thinking that I'm just going to sit here and the right thing will come along. It is something you have to go out and get."

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