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Episode 149 - Isaac Morehouse, Creator of Praxis, Helping Others Discover Themselves

Isaac Morehouse is an entrepreneur, thinker, and communicator dedicated to the relentless pursuit of freedom, and an advocate of self-directed learning and living. He is the founder and CEO of Praxis, an intensive nine-month program combining a paid apprenticeship at a startup with personal coaching, professional development projects, and interdisciplinary education that leads directly to a great job and a great career.

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"College students and graduates saying, "I have a degree and I have debt but I can't get a job anywhere." I thought something is amiss. So I thought, instead of spending 4 years in a classroom and going into debt to do it, what if you could spend a year and you were an apprentice at a company. Not like a big company where your in a cubicle farm with hundreds of other interns, but businesses with 5-30 employees, where the founder is still involved and they need good talent. Where you learning that while your gaining the skills and knowledge to be a self-directed, life-long learner. What would that look like?"

"Just being angry at unfreedom is no recipe to create more freedom. Just being upset that your freedom is restricted in someway is not going to help you. There is always a way to fight around it and get creative, if you persist and don't let yourself get depressed by the first roadblock you run into."

"This is sort-of my mantra and I think a starting point, it is really, really simple, "Don't do stuff you hate, Don't do stuff you hate." Now if you follow that it removes ALL this pressure. "How do I find what I love? How do I find my calling? How do I find my passion? How do I pick a career?" You can't, I mean most people can't, there are a very small number of people that know from a young age exactly what they want to do....Don't worry about picking what you need to do and trying to plot a perfect path to that. As long as your not doing stuff you hate, you are moving in roughly the right direction."

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