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Episode 151 - Ashley Logsdon, Helping Strengthen Others With Uniqueness

Ashley Logsdon is a marriage and family coach, blogger, and authenticity enthusiast. She's been married for twelve years and is an unschooling mama to three highly independent and creative little girls. This year, they will hit the road RV style to focus on what is most important - connection with others. She firmly believes that the uniqueness in each of us strengthens all of us. Find out more at

I take families from surviving to thriving by helping them uncover how the uniqueness in each of us strengthens all of us. Using the profiles, step-by-step action plans and collaboration exercises, I work with mamas from the inside out so they can not only BE the good in the family, but they can SEE the good as well.


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Quotes: "Just understanding the way they tick helps me in determining how to motivate them."

"Make sure that although all the answers aren't all laid out in front of you, you can really become a life-long learner. You can have your whole family be that way, where they are excited and engaged, willing to explore and go there and be authentic."

"The number one thing that all of us have to learn is to how to live together."

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