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Episode 152 - Marlo Payne Thurman, Helping to Consult Twice Exceptional Students

I am a private practice school psychologist and special education consultant with two Master's degrees (in Educational Psychology and School Psychology) and a Ph.D. in special education. She owns 2e Consulting services, directs the US College Autism Project, and is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Northern Colorado. She believes that a major revolution in education is imperative and as such, she actively pursue projects that consider neuro-diversity, in all of its forms, towards the creation of authentic, play, project, and problem-based learning models that fully utilize the range of available of 21st century technologies.

Marlo Payne Thurman


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"We got really good at measuring and putting standards around what it is that kids are learning and how to prove that are learning. What we are finding is that they are learning but it didn't make them any more prepared to be an adult."

"Kids are actually solving problems that are real! They are not imagined or created for the classroom, they are not this idea that childhood is the blessed place where children aren't part of the adult life. Children have the ability to contribute and sometimes OUT THINK adults in their ability to solve authentic problems."

"Education should be teaching children to grow up and solve the world's problems."

"It is not about modifying what we are doing, it is about revolutionizing what we are doing. It is changing completely the "WHAT" we teach to prepare children to be valuable contributors to today's world."

"To say that every child born on planet earth should be compared to every other child for the normal verses abnormal child. It is the whole developmental paradigm that is part of the problem."

"With choice and opportunity in the learning environment, kids tinker on the things they are interested in and that becomes your strength."

"Education was always supposed to raise children to happy, healthy, functioning adults."

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