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Episode 159 - Kevin Clayson, FLIPping The Gratitude Switch

Kevin Clayson, the Chief Officer of Awesome, is known for dancing and rapping his way into the hearts of audiences all across North America as a highly requested, and highly rated professional youth, and corporate speaker. Kevin’s new book, FLIPping The Gratitude Switch, while receiving universal praise, is already being heralded in the personal development and business communities as one of the most important life success books EVER. Kevin is one of the Founders of a revolutionary multi-million dollar real estate investment, and international personal development company, that has been successfully operating out of Utah for over a decade. He is a dedicated family man who always says that no matter what happens professionally, NOTHING will ever be as important as the work he does inside the four walls of his home with the four people he loves the most... his beautiful wife and 3 adorable kids.

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FLIP - Find the frustration

Look for what is AWESOME

Initiate gratitude

Powering up with Gratitufuel

"It was through that process that I created what became the formula for the book, what became some of the terms that I coin in the book, and what became the biggest single life changing trajectory thing ever. Which is that gratitude is something that you DO, not something you feel."

"By feeling active gratitude inside life's frustration, your entire life can change."

"When I had to realize that the only way I could heal, and the only way I could become someone and something new was to take accountability for what it was that I'd done that led me to that moment in time."

"If there is already stuff that is going well in our life and we are thankful for it, that is good. But how much more powerful is it when we can become thankful for the things that are frustrating or bad. The only way that works, is that we have to become active to the process."

"There is just so many things that you can just shift your mind into acknowledge that life looks completely different."

"Mentorship is vital for all of us and that we don't have to focus on who the mentor is, we simply have to focus on what we need to be mentored on."

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