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Episode 164 - Jake Carlson, Family Before Fortune

Jake Carlson is first (and most importantly) a family guy, dad of 3 and husband to 1. Originally from the west coast, his family is currently on the other side of the world on a yearlong family bonding experience.

Jake is President at Family Before Fortune and host of the Family Before Fortune podcast, helping listeners build the life of their dreams with the people they love and President at a training company for the next generation of fundraising professionals.

In addition to family and work, Jake is also CAJ (Chief Adventure Junkie) climbing rocks and volcanoes, backpacking national parks, and scuba diving anytime he gets spousal permission.


Also to get a free copy of his eBook, Success Through Quotes go to the link is (for The Luminous Mind)

YouTube Feed:

Podcast Quotes: "What I want to change that paradigm that says," you know we really CAN build a life of our dreams WITH the people we love."

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