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Episode 179 - Jim Baker, "Entertaining" Others To Better Understanding

Jim Baker is a 46-year, seasoned "Maverick" in the UK teaching industry. Jim is highly-awarded for his excellence in teach approach and the use of technology implementation. He has an Online Learning Site, with useful links to science, other subjects, mind mapping, teacher training, EAL (English as an additional language) and general topics. He specializes in providing resources for teachers and students, maximizing students’ learning, and advising fellow teachers on 'what really works’. He believes that learning will be your most valuable experience in life. Make the most of it. Jim has also been a past contributor with a 2 part podcast of Episodes 58 and Episode 79

Jim's consulting with 'Real Word Education Group Ltd. can be found at - scroll down till you come to Jim's pic then keep your mouse on it.

Jim's Email:

Jim awards include:

2015 - Contributory Author of ‘Teaching Secondary Science’ (Fourth Edition)

2014 - Consultant to Highgate Private School, Cyprus

2014 - Educational Consultant to Angel Digital

2013 - Member of GAB (Global Advisory Board) for NGGE (Next Generation Global Education)

2013 - Chemistry Expert for The Chemistry Journey Project for The Virtual School Initiative

2012- GTN Teacher Adviser

2012-2013: Freelance educational consultant with EM Direct on their Graduate Teacher Programme

2011- : Teaching AS/A2 Chemistry at SSPP

2010 - : Freelance educational consultant with EM Direct on their SKE programme.

2009 - 2011: An associate with LSN on their 'Starting Out Programme'

1974 - 2008: Chemistry teacher at Lincoln Christ's Hospital School. During that time, in 1997, I reached the final 13 in the Salter's “Chemistry Teacher of the Year” award and in my penultimate year of teaching, 2007, I was awarded a “Lifetime Achievement Award”. Upon retirement I was Deputy Head of Science in charge of behavioural management. In the 1990s our school was at the forefront of teacher training in schools and I was our school’s chief mentor and liaison officer with Sheffield Hallam University. After coaching other staff to take on that role, I became involved with mentoring NQTs in Science.

1970 - 1974: Science Master, Lincoln School

YouTube Feed:


"I tell my students they should not be doing anything in class that they can do outside of class, and also I should not be doing anything with them in class that an unknown specialist could do, or they could do on their own."

"In a conventional lesson it is the teachers asking the questions. They ask questions that they've previously researched the answers. But that's not how it should be, it is the students that are learning so they should be asking the questions."

"I got a passion for repairing the nonsense that many call education."

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