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Episode 181 - Heidi Totten, Building Culture Rooted in Love, Trust, and Voluntary Cooperation

Heidi Totten is a wife, mother of two children, runs a consulting business and a humanitarian organization that focuses on projects in Kenya, Africa. Sometimes she sleeps. She is a best-selling author, speaker, coach, trainer, and loves helping people discover the mentoring, tools and resources they need to achieve their dreams.

In 2015, Heidi went to Kenya on a humanitarian expedition and her life changed forever. One day she heard a voice say, “Go start a group on Facebook called 100 Humanitarians. I’ll let you know why.” Since then, life has been a faith walk for her, and every day is a new adventure! By the end of 2016, she will have taken over 50 people to Kenya to implement programs and projects for families that are her passion and calling in life.

Heidi has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs over the past 3 years build their online programs, social media strategy, and sales scripts. She also teaches people how to manifest miracles in their lives and business.

She homeschools her two children, or as she puts it, “Facilitates their education and mentors them whenever they will listen.” She loves people and loves life!

Heidi was also a past contributor on Episode 21

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Quotes: "I really believe, honestly, that everybody has their passion. We don't have to change the world, we can actually just follow our passion, gather the other people that want to do it as well, and then help to implement and create change in that society."

"I don't want to be known as an organization that donates stuff, I want to be known as an organization that donates mentoring, time, and training."

"Humanitarian work is to see the humanity in these people that don't have what we have, and say I see that humanity in you and I honor it. Let me just help you learn some tools and have access to some resources so that you can make your life better."

"If I wouldn't do it here, then I'm not gonna do it there. I know that there are articles on people going over and painting orphanages 12 times because the humanitarian group wanted something to do. For me, it's not about wanting something to do, it's about connecting with people. That's the hard part for a lot of people but it's about connecting with people and seeing the humanity in them because that is what creates change. I can send over 40 bucks and say, 'hey go paint this orphanage.' because Kenyans know how to paint."

"We always have this saying, 'find your passion' but honestly if you're living your life in alignment and you're following your intuition, saying yes to the things that interest you, your passion will find you, knock you over, and suddenly you're going to Kenya several times a year."


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