Episode 191 - Derek Magill, Career Expert, Helping Others Find the Work They Love

June 20, 2017

We welcome Derek back on our podcast, he is a college dropout, marketer, business strategist and career expert. After dropping out of college during his sophomore year, Derek started a marketing company that went on to generate million of dollars in business for clients.


He is currently the Director of Marketing at Praxis and has consulted with companies such as Voice & Exit, the Foundation for Economic Education, Glockstore, Colliers International, Daily Caller, and Undertech. 


Derek is the author of How to Get Any Job You Want which we discussed more extensively on Episode 147


Email: Derek@discoverpraxis.com or derekmagill@gmail.com

Website: derekmagill.com


Recommended Resources: 1000 True Fans: Use Kevin Kelly's Simple Idea to Earn A Living Doing What You Love by Jongo Longhurst


 Connect with professionals on clarity.fm


YouTube Feed: 




This podcast is sponsored by Praxis, to get exclusive information for The Luminous Mind listeners, go to discoverpraxis.com/mind

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