Episode 193 - John Fisher, "Using Garden-based Education to Foster Healthy Learning"

July 4, 2017

 Since 1996 John has worked exclusively in farm- and garden-based education programs teaching pre-school through high school students. As a Life Lab trainer he has provided professional development opportunities for thousands of educators from across the world. 


When John is not at work he enjoys working and teaching at his son's school garden. 


Email: gardendirector@lifelab.org

Websites: www.lifelab.org and pacificschoollifelab.com


Recommended Resources: nationalschoolgardennetwork.org


Get the book that John co-authored on Life Lab's website, THE BOOK OF GARDENING PROJECTS FOR KIDS – 101 WAYS TO GET KIDS OUTSIDE, DIRTY AND HAVING FUN



YouTube Feed:  



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