Episode 210 - Shelly Yorgesen, Helping Women WIN!

November 21, 2017


Shelly is married to Bret Yorgesen and they are the proud parents of 5, as well as a new grandma of little Liza Pearl 


She is the owner of 3 companies, How Women Win is her 3rd. 


Her motto of

"I only do what I love and if I l don't love it..."...and the rest of that you will 

learn about in today's podcast. 


Shelly has figured out the recipe of doing what she loves in life, and How Women Win teaches that to ladies all over the world. 


And now... How Women Win has the power to connect Women in Business Internationally. Monthly, Women from all industries meet on The Veranda, a Virtual Networking Event, from the comfort of your home or office. Women dive quickly into trusting relationships, learn about family & business and dive into needs, issues & problem solve to help each other untangle the issues of growing a business ...together.


Come find How Women Win on Facebook, and if you are a business owner, search out The Veranda for future Virtual Event dates. Or simply email Shelly & her team at how.women.win@gmail.com


Description the How Women Win Facebook Page:

How Women Win teaches the Art & the Science of Empowering Women to Win Daily and live with Peace & Confidence...and now YOU are part of us! 


How Women WinFacebook Page


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