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Episode 221 - Journey of the Entrepreneur Interview, Changing Your Paradigm

This episode is an interview that host, Rebecca Bohman, did with Ryan Harris of The Journey of the Entrepreneur.

In today’s episode we talk about changing your paradigm. Paradigm shifts occur through learning, connecting, and sharing experiences. Much growth happens when we are open to improve the way we learn. We also grow by connecting, and aligning ourselves with those who will challenge us. Join Rebecca Bohman as she shares insight on changing your paradigm.


  • Changing our paradigm

  • Increasing our capacity to learn

  • Being a self-directed learner

  • Finding your own path (there’s no perfect path)

  • Igniting your own learning

  • Surrounding yourself with allies and mentors

  • Being a continual learner


“How has your paradigm shifted over time and with experience?”

“Everybody has learned something and they’ve grown some way.”

“Everything that we learn ends up moving our passions and our intentions and our businesses forward.”

“You’re not put in a group that’s going to be perfect for you.. . you have to be very proactive in finding that group that can do that for you.”

“[In] entrepreneurship you only learn from failure.”

“We have these blocks of how we think things should be.”

“We don’t have to be perfect.”


“Creator of educational podcast and website designed to “Light your MIND on fire”​ as we work to change the paradigm about education.

We strive to be a service to families, mentoring them in alternative education and options available to them. Our content ranges from homeschooling parents, educational professionals, tutors, curriculum companies, and motivational mentors. With a weekly podcast released on Tuesdays as well as an occasional audioblog called “The Spark”. We manage several social media sites associated to our podcast. We would love our audience to hear your story! Check out our podcast by visiting our website and you can schedule an interview by going to” (Linkedin)


  • Have more grace with yourself

  • Be more patient and understanding

  • Enjoy the journey

  • Just start

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