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Episode 223 - Brandon Pearce, Helping Others Live a Dream Life

Since 2010, Brandon Pearce has been traveling full-time with his wife and three daughters (now ages 14, 12, and 6). In that time, they've visited and lived in over 36 countries while worldschooling and running an online business: Music Teacher's Helper. Having optimized his business to run in 4-hours per week, Brandon now spends his time on passion projects that inspire other families to live their travel dreams.

Brandon is the founder of the Family Adventure Summit, an epic event for families interested in long-term travel, location independence, alternative education, entrepreneurship, community, family relationships, and more.

With another family, he and his wife also hold an immersive retreat in Romania each summer. This retreat is limited to just 10 families, and during the course of 3-weeks, provides the tools and knowledge needed to connect more deeply with each other and the world, and to live their long-term travel vision.

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