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Episode 263 - Mark Beaumont, Unschool Yourself First

Mark Beaumont is a professional educator that is passionate about self directed learning. He is a middle school principal at an international school in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Mark is an artist, husband and father. His daughter attends the school he works at. And even though she attends school, Mark raises her with the principles of self directed learning. He “finds it nothing less than fascinating and challenging.” With his professional background and experience as well the story of his personal struggles in school Mark offers great perspective. In his book, “Unschool Yourself First: A Parents Gateway to Self Directed Learning.”

He reminds us that it is important to unschool yourself first.

He is currently developing a course for Peaceful Parenting University which will be focused on the question "How to Unschool”

Qualifications: 1. M.Ed International Curriculum & Instruction from George Mason University 2. Bachelors Fine Art (ceramics) 3. Fully certified educator: Texas, Oklahoma and International Baccalaureate Basic Facts: * 52 years old * Married to Thitapa Beaumont (Thai lady & phenomenal chef/cook of Thai and international cuisine) * Daughter: Taolyn Jade Beaumont (goes by Jade, 15 years old unschooler) * I was adopted at age 1 month (I reconnected with my biological family in 2005) * I lived in Massachusetts and New Jersey as a child, but moved to Maine at age 15; I consider Maine -and Chiang Mai, Thailand- home) * I worked for Blues Traveler (band) in 1989 and 1990, and lived with them at their townhouse in Brooklyn, NY * I am a musician (guitar, ukulele) & songwriter, artist (potter, photographer, poet), and lover of nature. * I have lived and worked as an educator in the US, Thailand, Taiwan and Cambodia. * I am moving to New Hampshire in August and will be building a play-based, self-directed program at Hampshire Country School * I am currently developing a course for Peaceful Parenting University ( which will be focused on the question "How to Unschool")

Peaceful Parenting - "How to Unschool" course

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