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ILLUMINATED Learning: 7 Habits to Spark YOUR Learning and Invigorate the Mind Towards YOUR own Unique Mission

Introduction -


As I deeply think about my mission and where I feel passion to help others, it centers around the idea of learning that inspires, invigorates (lights us on fire) and propels us to action. It is learning that excites us, it brings passion into our lives, and makes us feel alive. It is the learning that can cause men to cease interest in any basic physical need like food or sleep. It is a learning that is unique to every individual person but a simple process that can be achieved through the same simple 7 step process, it is in essence the process of “becoming...” It is a learning of free-will where no compulsion or external force is necessary, it brings peace and contentment to the human soul and every home of mankind. It is a force that can be seen but can’t be physically held in your hand. It is a learning, a yearning that can bring joy to the heart and to the family. It feels us with emotion like peace, joy, happiness, excitement, purity and enlightenment all while being difficult, challenging, and causing struggle to our life. It is the catalyst to innovation, invention, and progress but is rooted in tradition and heritage. It isn’t filled with facts or figures but with minuscule detail, complex structure, and indescribable intricacy. The main, most important key is, it is self-driven education with complete and utter consent, inclination, and pleasure of the learner. There is no outside, physical force that can halt this personal progress except compulsion, coercion, or external constraint. It is the learning to which all hopes, faith, and belief are pinned. It inspires invigorating action!


Have you ever felt “excited” to learn? Have you seen this passion for learning in others? Have you felt that your learning propels you forward, maybe towards your more authentic self, your life’s mission? This is the stuff of Illuminated Learning, and there is a process to gaining this enthusiasm for learning if you have never felt this way. It is a process of “lighting the mind on fire,” This is the “changing of the paradigm” on how we think of education and learning.


After some reflection with a guest on my podcast and the final piece of advice he gave to our audience of “learn how to learn,” I realize how important it is to know the process of learning and how to maximize opportunities for learning. This writing is based off of personal experience and all I have learned about learning as well as to how to better study and learn. There is nothing in this e-book is totally my own methods but a compilation of life experience, observation and thoughts from others. It is a step-by-step guide on giving your personal learning a SPARK. It is a guide that helps facilitate personal, unique impressions that are available to all of us to better lead our own life's mission and create passion in life. It gives us the opportunity to tap into deeper knowledge than superficial learning that may acquired at formal schooling to pass the test or do well on an examine. This is learning that invigorated the mind, makes us feel alive and excited about life.


The word "journey" is often used when someone tells their story of growth. Sometimes this use of the word seems cliche' or even melodramatic. However with real, illuminated education, the authentic learner realizes that learning is a journey. A journey of new discovery, new information that somehow fits together in the interwoven connections of learning. As with most journeys, the journey of learn is a process of education that have times of joy intermingled with times of frustration. Learning can be a messy business and real learning, illuminated learning, has no boundaries of subject matter that fits neatly into a course outline. However this style of learning meshes together like paint in a complex art piece. It enlivens the mind, awakens the soul, and bring enthusiasm to life. It is hard work but seems enjoyable to the senses. I'd like to think that using this process for

learning would quench frustration in learning all together but please recognize that without frustration which can lead to a more intense study, questioning and a desire to know more that deeper learning might not be possible. The frustration is part of the journey and we need to be grateful for those times of growth. This style of learning takes some understanding to embrace emotions that some may consider negative and use them to propel us forward. In the end, this style of learning, this deeper learning will bring an exhilarating stark that make our minds excited, (lights them on FIRE), it feels us with joy, and brings passion to our lives. - Rebecca Bohman

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