We strive to assist our listeners in a number of ways by changing the paradigm of how they see education and light them on fire to help them make changes that move them in the direction that moves them closer to their life's mission and living out their legacy.

Individual Coaching

Do you need a some individual coaching and encouragement? Host, Rebecca Bohman is willing to spend and hour with you answering questions, giving her insight, and helping to coach you through life's challenges.

Join her on Skype to discuss all the highs and lows of life. 


Price: $50/hour


The host of The Luminous Mind, Rebecca Bohman, wants to FIRE-UP and inspire your group to change their paradigm and live with more inspiration, authenticy and peace. She delivers powerful stories of growth, courage and coming to be who you are meant to be, despite the challenges of everyday life or deeply held beliefs.


She also speak about living with depression, self-harm and suicide with an inspiring message to strengthen individuals and families.


Please email with the date, time, location and desired message of the event to get a price.

The Luminous "Master" Mind

The Luminous "Master" Mind which is offered only to qualifying, committed, motivated "firestarter" who what more "ILLUMINATION" in their lives! We seek individuals who desire to toil towards creating powerful paradigm shifting changes in their own lives and strive to create an inspiring, goal-oriented, balanced lives that help them live their authentic life's mission. It is facilitated by Rebecca Bohman, using powerful, group technics that with inspire all committed members to live their daily legacy.

Price: $100 / month with 3 to 6 months commitment




The Luminous Mind Book List

...for over a year, The Luminous Mind has worked with inspiring "firestarters" who have delivered inspirational, paradigm shifting learning done through books. Get that inspiring Booklist and start changing the paradigm of your own thinking. We know this can be the beginnings to help you be more moldable, teachable and inspired to be reach your full potential! 


Price: $10

Click HERE to receive your own copy of The Luminous Mind Book List