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Episode 016 - Eric Tivers, ADHD Rewired

Eric Tivers, LCSW, MSSW is the owner of Tivers Clinical Specialties, a private practice located in northern Illinois. Eric specializes in ADHD and high functioning autism. As a psychotherapist he works with children, teens, parents and adults. He coaches teens and adults, and consults to schools. He is a national speaker and host of the ADHD reWired podcast. He also has ADHD.

Eric's clinical experiences include clinical program manager in residential treatment, counselor at a therapeutic day school, behavioral consultant, ABA and Music therapist for children with autism.

Eric earned his MSW at the Jane Addams College of Social Work at the University of Illinois at Chicago and his BSW at Bradley University.


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Host Thoughts:

Thanks so much to Eric Tivers for helping me better understand ADHD! Learning from him has helped me have more empathy and understanding with my son. It helped to realize that some of his needs are much different than my other children. I have often thought that I was blessed to have just naturally chosen to educate alternatively but this was even more apparent with my son's individual needs to learn differently. Fortunately, homeschooling has allowed my son the ability to learn in his own style and we have focused his education in paths of interest for him individually that allow him to stay focused alternating the basics of education around those skills. We allow regular breaks for exercise and movement as they are needed for him. Also, hand-held electronics (as they are a BIG distraction for him) are limited to times after school, chores and music practice. I have chosen to use natural technics of treatment like positive affirmations, rigorous exercise and individual organizational coaching. I have decided to not take the traditional pharmacuetical route until I feel he has reached an age to make those decision on his own. Both my son and I have realized that knowledge is power and it helps him make better individual decisions and understanding to his limits and special circumstances and we have seen his growth continue to move forward positively.

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