Episode 111 - Tammy Ward, Hope Haven Events

November 3, 2015

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Tammy is the Founder and President of Hope Haven Events. Hope Haven Events hosts conferences, retreats, trainings, specialty camps and other events to help "empower the individual, strengthen the family and connect community." She is a homeschooling mother to 8 awesome kids ages 10 months to 16 years. Tammy is a highly sought after, intuitive healer, presenter and mentor. She is super excited to bring these events to the world and is best known for being a fun and an inspirational mover and shaker! Her classes are known best for giving the audience tools that they can go home with and implement into your own life for REAL RESULTS. Tammy has learned a great deal from her real life experiences with Christ-centered energy healing, homeschooling, increasing confidence, overcoming money blocks, miracles, community building, and in overcoming addictions by trusting Heavenly Father and her Savior, Jesus Christ. She is pleased to share some of these experiences with you. She has been featured in Hasten Magazine as a published author and loves joining in on radio shows, teaching on conference calls, webinars and has several audio recordings of her own. Tammy's mission is to help prepare the homes for the ushering in of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


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