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Episode 130 - Dr. Holly Meade, Serenity Choice to Restore Balance to YOUR Life

Dr. Holly is a Board Certified Doctor of natural health, a Certified Natural Health Practitioner, a tai chi instructor and a Footzoner practitioner. She loves to mix the knowledge of her Native American background and Traditional Chinese teachings for natural healing and true wellness. Her goal is to expand the minds of people to know that they are not just a body but a mind and a soul as well and for true healing to take place all of these areas need to be taken care of!

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Phone Number: 435-217-1771

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“All things physical, start with an emotion, somehow, somewhere. A lot of our emotions that we deal with in adulthood actually started when we were really, really young.”

“If you have something that you can share, if you have something that you’re passionate about, if you have something that can lift other and help them grow, you are a mentor already.”


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