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Episode 123 - Tyler Watson, The Freedom Catalyst

Tyler loves playing big and having fun with anyone wanting to set free the "little kid" inside of us all. He is the President of Freedom Catalyst, an organization dedicated to freeing minds, hearts, relationships and nations. His passion is to help mentors, coaches, healers, and networkers raise their value, master their message, and enroll high paying clients so they can be free to spend time with their loved ones. He has taken his business to over 6 figures in less than 10 months. Also, Tyler has been part of a sales team of 5 people who did a online coaching launch that did 1.3 million dollars in two weeks.


Free Strategy Session:

**5 Step Process to "Power Prayer" Found in Genesis:

1) Know your options - study them out

2) State a way of knowing your answer

3) Trust to act on the answer - Committment

4) Pray and express all you have studied with a statement of knowing your answer

5) Express gratitude

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Quotes for Episode #123 - Tyler Watson:

“Have a goal that serves your loved ones, because if your why is bigger than yourself, but can serve someone you truly care about, you are going to stop at nothing to accomplish that goal.”

“If you believe in a higher power and you are dedicated to that belief than serve with faith, serve with passion and be just as passionate in your business, with your family as you are with your higher power, do not separate them because if you want to be authentic you can not separate your gifts.”

“Every single person, I have found is simply a mirror reflection of you…as you shift and change, they will too.”

“I believe that there needs to be a movement happening on the plant where mentors, networks, speakers, chiropractors, healers, people who have gifts inside that help others. They must step into this place of authenticity to make their message their own. So they can pains into profits, their failures into fortunes, and their wisdom into wealth.”

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