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Episode 124 - Dr. Rich Melheim, Rich Learning - 1st Anniversary Podcast SPECIAL

Dr. Rich Melheim is an educational systems pioneer, publisher, record producer, international preschool designer and student of the neurology of early learning. With a doctorate in semiotics - a branch of linguistic philosophy that studies meaning - Dr. Rich launched a preschool incubator project in the US and India that is now on the verge of launching in Ethiopia, Egypt and China. Using brain scan technology as the starting point and music, dance, theater and art at the core of educational delivery, RICH Learning engages "brain-based learning on arts-based platforms." His philosophy is outlined online at, in his new book "RICH Learning" (August 2015) and with video of the results online at


Recommended Books:

Music, Language and the Brain by Dr. Andy Beetle


“We have learned more about learning in the last 5 years…thanks to brain scans technology, pet scans, etc…than we have in the last 5000 years and yet our educational systems have either ignore or for the most part just bypassed this idea that we know how we learn and it look a whole lot more like a playground than a classroom.”

“We were not build to sit all day long, we were built to move”

“Chairs are the enemy of the brain.”

“Clutter is the enemy of the distracted mind, clutter is the enemy of the ADD/ADHD mind”

“Focus on the handful of things you want to focus on and focus on them until they are mastered”

“We have much better ammunition than bullets if we use fun, love, care, understanding, relationships and friendships. There is not enough bullets in the world that can kill an idea, only an idea can kill an idea, only a more powerful idea can destroy a dangerous. Love is always more powerful than hate, and positive is always more powerful than negative.”

“The word ‘education’ comes from the latin word to draw out…literally draw out, not to cram in. And if you just decide that we are going to draw out all the best of the kids. We will put some good stuff in but then let me play them, whether it is toys, number, songs, dances, colors. Put something good in then draw out. That is where creativity, innovation and that is where true education happens, not in the cramming in, in the drawing out.”

Dr. Rich reveals a program that he is striving to begin for youth who intern with Rich Learning, teaching pre-school using their system in underdeveloped nations in exchange to pay student loans.

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