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Episode 132 - Jennifer Dayley, IDEALife INNERgy Healing Method & Real Food Pantry Makeover

After nearly 18 years of medications & traditional therapy for a long list of mild to severe emotional & physical health issues which were only getting worse, Jennifer began searching for different answers. Through an unexpected series of events, she was led down the holistic path of healing, all while transitioning to homeschooling her children & making some other major life changing decisions.

She has been medication free since 2012 & works with clients all over the world from the U.S., to Canada, India, England, & Australia through her company, The Healing Place.

Jennifer is an avid Energy & Real Food coach, helping moms (& a few brave men) re-connect the dis-connect, so they can create their IDEALife. She is creator of the ‘Real Food Pantry Makeover’ & the ‘IDEALife INNERgy Healing Method’. She has also certified in the SimplyHealed™ Method.

As a best selling author & speaker, she regularly presents at various holistic living, preparedness, & homeschooling conferences as well as local organizations & church groups. Her other passions include her faith, family, homeschooling, nature, music, reading, cooking, preparedness, organizing, sewing, & all things creative. Find out more at

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Quotes: " When the physical, mental and spirit dots are disconnected from each other, chaos happens. Chaos takes place when your body, mind and spirit are not being fully nourished."

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