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Episode 137 - Ann Washburn, Helping to Improve Lives through Body Language

How did Ann, a mechanical engineer with experience in flight simulation and explosives, become a sought after keynote speaker member of the National Speakers Association and body language expert? By using the same simple transformative techniques that she has taught to thousands.

Ann is a dynamic and inspiring speaker and mentor who has given over 2200 presentations throughout the country. She changes lives through her inspiring story of going from depressed mom with a fancy degree to a successful mentor and trainer. The techniques she shares are simple and down to earth, but her success comes because they work.

Ann brings warmth and enthusiasm to her classes by engaging her audience with real-life stories and effective, workable tools. She creates a safe environment of mutual respect, where students can learn the tools to remove self-imposed blocks, transform their income, heal and build stronger relationships, and develop powerful communication skills.

Ann’s talents are broad and impressive. She is fluent in French, has flown a small airplane, is a certified lifeguard, and holds a black belt in Hap Ki Do. Her wide experience base has prepared her to work with everyone from executives, professionals, and civic leaders to non-profit organizations, religious leaders, holistic experts, and even parents and teens.

Ann speaks from experience. She and her husband have been happily married for 24 years, and they are the parents of 5 incredible children. Let her transform your life today! Ann offers Individual and Group Mentoring sessions, and teaches classes, including: The Frying Pan, Body Language Training, Corporate Training, and other character development programs.

“Ann shared some amazing tools that I will be able to use to overcome the walls that are before me. I will be able to break through and find the power that I need in my life.” – Troy T.

“I loved my experience with [Ann]. The things Ann does look magical – astounding!” – Craig Jensen


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Podcast Quotes:

"When you send a conflicting message between your words and your body language, people discount the words you say to believe what they see in your body language."

"It is estimated up to 93% of our communication is nonverbal, so when we don't understand the messages we are sending out to people and they don't match the words we speak. The bigger voice of communication is those gestures."

"If body language matters this much in my results and my communication, how come I didn't learn about it in school?

"We stop our own results by not understanding the messages we are sending out in our body language."

'The more that I work on me, the more my kids have felt the difference."

"We have that power inside of us! Simply by adjusting our gestures, we can change ALL our relationships and improve our results."

"Teaching is part of learning."

"Understand that something as simple as changing the way you move your body, can profoundly change your results."

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