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Episode 150 - Steven Horwich, Helping Answer the Problem of Education

Steven has been a professional educator for over 40 years, he taught in the Master's Writer Program for the (University of Southern California) USC, for (Los Angeles Unified School District) LAUSD, and in private schools for over 10 years. He then gave up on traditional education and homeschooled his two children. Now as a homeschool advocate, he has authored STEPS: The Answer to the Problem of Education, which is a comprehensive homeschool curriculum for students ages 5-High School. He is also an Emmy Award winning author of musicals, plays and screenplays with many credits. Steven has been featured on episodes 040, 060, 073, 074, 075, 083, 104 and 105

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Quotes: "These kind of questionnaires become absolutely invaluable because they are telling you, YOUR KID IS TELLING you, "these are the subject I want to study." If you want them to love homeschooling, you will predominantly build their studies around the subjects they are telling you they want to know about."

"Ideally we want our children to spend a their adult lives in activities and professions they LOVE, rather than their forced into because of poor education that was TOO general."

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