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Episode 219 - Blaine and Audrey Rindlisbacher, Helping with Addiction Healing

After struggling with a pornography addiction for more than 30 years, Blaine’s prayers were answered and he was led to the principles of addiction recovery. Once sober, Blaine was committed to helping as many addicts as possible. In addition to obtaining his Marriage and Family Therapy degree from Liberty University and working with addicts on his own, he has worked in addiction treatment centers and learned valuable therapeutic methods. As he saw these methods and principles bring insight, commitment and sobriety to other addicts, he realized that he wanted to do more. He has now coupled the principles of addiction recovery with his therapeutic methods and experiences to develop Addiction Recovery Groups in his coaching practice at Adore Your Spouse. Watch his “Journey to Freedom” and gain additional insights and helps for addiction at

To learn more about Blaine and Audrey you can listen to Episodes 177 and Episode 195

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