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Episode 237 - Craig Oborn, Human Connection Revolutionary

Craig Oborn is founder and CEO of Connect52, “Transforming families one engaging question and shared vulnerable answer at a time.” Connect52 was born from a combination of his diverse personal and professional background.

Craig has embraced the Benjamin Franklin quote, “nothing ventured, nothing gained” venturing to start a t-shirt company, convenience store, and food magazine. Craig lives life with an entrepreneurial curiosity, and a desire to leave the world a better place than he found it.

He became a mediator not to mediate divorce but instead to mediate marriages. It was his use of his mediation skill set, that inspired the creation of Connect52 when he asked, “what would my life be like if I were authentically connected to my family?” 52 questions and one year later an empathic connection was formed from the vulnerably shared answers. His family transformation is creating a Revolution in Human Connection.

Craig is a sought-out TEDx speaker and business consultant, connecting companies to their tribe and creating new authentic company culture. Craig is partner in a mortgage business, The Olsen & Oborn Team connecting REALTORS to their brand, marketing and clients. As humans, we are all in the people business.

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"Creating deeper connections and stronger relationships, one question at a time”

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