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Episode 244 - David Gornoski, Helping Us to Discover THINGS HIDDEN

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A Neighbor's Choice - Part 4

David Gornoski, is a writer, speaker, radio host, film director dedicated to introducing Jesus's personhood revolution to the church and the broader public. A Neighbor's Choice is the name of his radio show that interviews contrarians and misfits from people locked away for life for nonviolent choices to pioneer nutrition scientists and nuclear energy entrepreneurs. What binds the show's narrative together is the way Jesus's personhood principles unlocks our blindness to toxic groupthink and zero-sum coercion (politics) and opens the door to win-win solutions and secrets left to be discovered in nature.

Company website:

A Neighbor's Choice, which is heard live Mondays 7-9pm ET, Tues-Thurs 8-9pm ET on IHeart Radio's NewsRadio WFLA in Orlando, Florida. 540 AM, 93.1 FM, and 94.1 FM and (Click 'listen live' during the show hours.)

YouTube channel @davidgornoski - interviews with people like Jordan Peterson, theologian David Bentley Hart, Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, James Dale Davidson, blues legend Daryl Davis and many more diverse voices, heroes, and innovators in science and technology.

YouTube Feed - Part 1

YouTube Feed - Part 2

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A Neighbor's Choice

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