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Episode 249 - Patrick Keeney - Helping Others to Accentuate Learning

Patrick (Pat) Keeney has spent 35 years building education programs and products. His passion for championing sustainable products and programs has been driven by a pragmatic desire to make education in America better through true innovation. His focused has been on leading and contributing to innovations that provide practical benefits to learners and are sustainable. The breadth of these efforts has ranged from AP Programs to NASA EPO products to the first-ever network of online-based, career academies spanning 13 states reaching over 10,000 students. Pat's experience has been the result of a growth mindset where he has demonstrated abilities in classroom teaching, instructional design, product management, public speaking, and business development. His content areas of expertise include physics, astronomy, mathematics, STEM education, CTE, and serious games. Through his consulting firm, Accentuate Learning LLC, Pat continues to work with enterprises of all stages and sizes and provide innovative solutions to difficult problems. Most recently Pat was nominated for the 2020 Global Forum on Education and Learning’s “Top 100 Education Leaders” in America award.

Pat’s attended Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pa and the Pennsylvania State University in State College, PA and earned a B. A. in Mathematics with concentrations in Chemistry and Engineering. Pat’s post-graduate work has been done through the University of Maryland, SUNY- Brockport and Montana State University and includes work in meteorology, astrophysics and entrepreneurship. Pat has earned 3 product management credentials from Pragmatic Marketing, an industry-recognized leader in training effective product managers.

On a more personal note, Pat, his wife Anne and two dogs, Chi Chi (a chihuahua) and Ruff (a rescued “bagel”) live in Saint Augustine, Florida. Pat’s interests vary widely from space exploration and science fiction to sports and games. Pat is a tournament level chess player, former head basketball coach, and gamer whose latest obsession has been The Elder Scrolls online.


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