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Empowered Learning 101 Weekly Webinars Sponsored by the Idaho Freedom Action

I have been teaching courses in homeschooling for an online school for a couple of years. However, with so many new people joining the learning-at-home lifestyle, I wanted to open these classes to a larger demographic.

I'm grateful that the Idaho Freedom Action has chosen to sponsor these FREE information sessions. We are working to build a supportive community for better success with homeschooling and the family learning experience.

To join the webinar Wednesday, January 20, 2021 session:

Enjoying the Learning Process

- Deschooling

- Changing Your Paradigm on Parenting and Family Learning

- How to create a life-style of learningRegister in advance for this webinar:

Check out the past sessions with these recordings:

January 13: Jump Start to the New Year -

December 16: Look Forward to the New Year -

December 9: Giving Gifts that Matter -

November 18: Managing Distractions

November 11: Keep on Rolling – Sustaining momentum and motivation

October 21: Managing Multiple Students

October 14: Tried and True- Homeschooling Secrets, How Less is More

October 7th: Time Management

September 23: Getting Started, part 1

September 30: Getting Started, part 2

Schedule for Upcoming Sessions:

January 27: Learning Coach Care

- Mentoring that Matters

- Why taking care of yourself matters

- Self-care that really helps

Febuary 3: Balancing Your Family Learning Life-style

- Getting it ALL done, creating habits to success

- Prioritizing for better balance

- Creating custom schedules that work for your family and life

- Teaching life skills

February 10: Customizing Learning by Creating a Unique Environment

- Learning to understand your children, their learning styles and unique gifts

- Looking at your children differently to create a unique learning setting

- Setting up your learning area, Keeping your child's need in mind

February 17: Emotional Learning through Mentoring

- understanding what works for your family and student

- being mindful of emotions and how that effects learning as well as family life

- cultivating a mindset of “family learning” checking your “teacher hat” at the door

February 24: Creating Youth Resilient to WOKE Ideology

- What is Woke ideology / Critical Race Theory

- How it can impact your student and undermine societies

- How to teach about honest communication

- How you can correctly teach about race, gender and family units

March 3: Helping your children have Better Mental Health

- How to deal with Depression / Anxiety in children

- Teaching mindfulness and mediation techniques to children

- Encouraging free play, activity in the community, personal responsibility and service to others

March 10: Keep on Rolling – Sustaining momentum and motivation

- creating an environment for self-motivated student, helping your children set individual goals

- award systems that work, mentoring among siblings

- expecting the school slump and what to do

March 17: Minimizing Distractions

- Getting your social network on board with your family learning

- Mentoring your children by managing your own life

- Creating better FOCUS

March 24: Socialization

- what is real “socialization” and how it looks for the homeschooled student

- finding like-minded friends and associations

- using your community for socialization resources

March 31: Mind Over Matter

– Cultivating a Growth Mindset

- Setting goals and visualizing your dreams

April 7: Raising World Changers

- What Youth Leadership Means

- Training Youth to Lead

- Developing Leadership Skills

April 14: Taking advantage of Schooling Flexibility

- Worldschooling

- Traveling on a budget

- Learning on the Go

April 21: Gentle Parenting vs. Authoritarian Control

- Fostering Healthy Relationships

- Creating an Amazing Family Culture

- Get Your Teenagers to Talk to You

April 28: Ending Strong

- How to end the year strong

- Gaining back your enthusiasm

- Keeping the Learning Going during the Summer

Please share this information and help us grow this community!

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