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Episode 272 - Lucie Leblanc, Helping Us Become A Conscious Creator

Lucie is an entrepreneur, author and partnered with the Proctor Gallagher Institute & Magnetic Mind/Rapid Recode Institute. Lucie joined the Proctor Gallagher Institute where she studied and graduated in 2016. She is a certified Thinking Into Results Consultant, teaching what Bob Proctor has been studying and teaching for almost 60 years.

Lucie has recently got Certified as a Magnetic Mind Superconscious Creator Coach. A marvelous technique to rewire your brain in minutes. This REVOLUTIONARY Technique is THE LATEST BREAKTHROUGHS IN NEUROSCIENCE TO


Some people, consumed by fear and governed by a weak character, barely get to live one life to its fullest. They never follow their hearts, never take risks and end up settling in safe but unfulfilling realities. My own life, in contrast, seems more like 10 different ones sewn together by my self-confidence and driven by the belief that life is not a dress rehearsal.

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