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Episode 010 - Jada Rhodes, Homeschooling Through Health Challenges

Jada Rhodes is a Wife, Homeschooling Mother, Foot Zone Balance Therapist, Energy Worker, and Foot Zoning Instructor for Wedofeet Seminars. She is most excited about studying alternative health and nutrition, various healing modalities, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. She loves looking for ways to incorporate her passions into their homeschool to encourage her children to discover and develop their own unique gifts and talents. Jada recently celebrated her 16th wedding anniversary with her sweetheart Bryan, who supports the family working from home as a Commodity Manager. Together they have 6 wonderful children ranging in ages from 2 to 15, who they have been blessed to homeschool for the past 4 years and are looking forward to the journey ahead of them. They follow the Thomas Jefferson Leadership Education Philosophy and consider themselves to be Life Schoolers—recognizing that learning is a forever way of life.

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