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Episode 271 - Tisha Hammond, The Small Business Cheerleader

Imagine retiring at the age of 41. Taking lessons learned from a 21-year career in law enforcement

and civil rights advocacy, Tisha Hammond took that leap in April 2018 and found joy in working for herself full-time. Tisha is affectionately known as “The Small Business CheerleaderTM” because of her enthusiasm for spotlighting entrepreneurs. Tisha is the International Best-selling author of Daily Devotional for Entrepreneurs: Your Season to Grow. She works well with individuals who are ready to transition from Employee to Self-employment.

Tisha Hammond has a knack for tapping into human capital and helps grow business as part of her personal business as part of her personal business ministry. She totally drank the networking Kool-

Aid and cannot keep her circles a secret.

Her company, Ascent Small Business Promotion, LLC, is

the accelerant for those who desire to influence their own personal economy and impact their

community through business ownership. Started in January 2015, as an A-Z business development

source, the company provides an online training portal for entrepreneurs, business consulting, and creative content services.

You can find Tisha Hammond on stages and in pages discussing economic empowerment. In

between stage and virtual appearances, Tisha is a contributing writer for Career Mastered Magazine and the small business columnist for Local Business News. She lends her voice on the Board of Directors at the Society for the Re-institutionalization of Storytelling. There's a special place in her heart for women entrepreneurs and she serves them through the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Greater Detroit Chapter. A servant leader, Tisha mentors the next generation of young entrepreneurs through Executive Committee work on the NAWBO/EXCEL Board of Trustees. Further, she is co-host for the Michigan Chapter of the Happy Neighborhood Project.

Tisha Hammond is also the 2020 Warrior Award Winner, an honor presented to the Top 10 Michigan Women Business Owners. LinkedIn and YouTube are her sweet spots for online networking, where she regularly shares her “Pep Talk.”

At home, Tisha enjoys life with her husband, Ken, their children and grands. One last thing…Tisha is a Hamilton: An American Musical fanatic and requires frequent forgiveness for breaking out in random show tunes. For her footprints to success and wealth, please visit

POOR - Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly

Contact Information:

LinkedIn: Tisha Hammond


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