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Episode 024 - Mary Ann Johnson, Homeschool Coach

Mary Ann Johnson is the President and founder of Home School Coach Limited. She is a writer, teacher, mentor and coach. Her company focuses on teaching parents to connect with their children in simple ways and to have more confidence in their parenting through personal change. She has taught thousands of children over 40 years and helped hundreds of parents find greater satisfaction and joy in their family relationships.

Mary Ann spends her time teaching workshops on improving parent behaviors and deepening relationships with children. She also frequently presents on her famous educational tool,the Spark Station, a family connection and love of learning tool. She works with private clients, teaching parents to resolve family issues through their own personal growth.

Mary Ann and her husband Don have been married almost 45 years and have seven grown children and 12 grandchildren ranging in age from 1 to 25. She loves reading and painting and learning is her passion! One thing on Mary Ann’s bucket list is to sleep in a hut on a sandy beach where warm breezes blow.

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